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When the unexpected becomes reality

You can never be completely prepared for a crisis. But you can prepare with the help of preventative measures in order to know how to handle the unexpected. In times of crisis the public needs quick responses and reliable information. False or delayed communication may be followed by disastrous consequences: damage of image, loss of trust and financial harm.

Crisis cases require experience, professionalism and sovereignty. When crisis communication is understood as specific planning for unexpected catastrophes, an established issue management team can handle an overwhelming crisis. If a crisis occurs, the people in power will know exactly who communicates what and when. This also applies to litigation (litigation PR).

Partner for crisis management

Sarah Bon, owner of bon-solutions, Bern www.bon-solutions.ch
Former lead manager of “Crisis Organisation Swiss Air Force” project and chair of the Crisis Management Committee of the Armed Forces Joint Staff. Sarah Bon is a member of the Emergency Response Team of the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) and the Rapid Response Team of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA).