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Communication is our passion

From going public to being public – you can count on our support in positioning your company in the public eye. As a strategic communications consultancy, we oversee all your external communications activity. We also act as a critical friend, willing to tell you what’s working and what’s not. Our clients benefit directly from our extensive knowledge base and expert advice – we know the Swiss media landscape inside out and have an understanding of which topics attract the interest of journalists.

We are passionate about communication.

Communications in the healthcare sector

The healthcare system is becoming increasingly complex. The general public and patients are more confident and better informed, and interest groups’ demands aregrowing stronger. Communications strategists are also under increasing pressure to deliver. Especially in the healthcare sector, messages need to be tailored precisely to the recipients, because healthcare professionals, investors, patients and the public all require different types of information.

We offer communications support to clinics, hospitals, foundations, conference organisers and associations as well as doctors and medical professionals. We also support companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology sectors.

Financial communications

IPOs, M&A transactions, reputation management: communications services in the financial markets work according to their own rules. Capital market and transaction communications is serious business. It involves handling complex, sensitive situations and information and requires dedicated professionals. Businesses in the financial sector attract particular attention – the most successful ones convey a sense of transparency and create trust.

We have many years of experience in handling financial communications. You can rely on us.

Corporate communications

The way you communicate shapes the public image of your organisation. Today’s constant barrage of news means that only content that is relevant and reliable and can be quickly grasped, will cut through the noise. This calls for stories and interviews with depth and meaning as well as ‘snackable’ content.

We’ve got your back when it comes to your corporate communications. We are professionals and will handle your media relations for you. Experience has taught us how editors and newsrooms work and what information is of interest to them. Our team of talented experts ensures your content is skilfully prepared, thus making life easier for both you and the media professionals.

Digital communications

Today, many people can only be reached digitally, so online communication is increasingly important. Companies and organisations that understand the power of social media channels and deliver their messages to audiences in a targeted manner are able to place the customer at the centre of their communications. This strategic approach requires expertise and creativity.

We create strategies that boost your online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and content marketing.

Strategic communications

Never lose your focus: the media world has not only grown increasingly digital – it has also become more democratic. The parameters have shifted. A mere presence in the public eye is becoming less and less important – keeping your business relevant, on the other hand, is vital. Companies therefore need a strategy for communicating with their interest groups so that content and topics are conveyed to the right target audiences across all channels.

We are a strategic communications consultancy and serve as a one-stop shop for all your requirements: analysis, consulting, concept design and project management. The strategic parameters in communications must be determined by the management, because communication is a matter for executives. Our clients can always rely on support in their external communications through our senior partners and consultants.

Crisis communications

Crises are known to hit businesses unexpectedly. No company is immune, and it is all too easy to get caught up in the maelstrom and make the situation worse by failing to handle it properly. If media interest is high and the public demands quick answers, hesitant, clumsy communication can cause great damage. What is needed in such a crisis is a cool head and honest, resolute communication.

Crisis events require experience and composure. For us, crisis communications is about preparing for problems in advance, which includes issue management and regular crisis training workshops. This helps those in charge to quickly identify the best course of action and formulate a response plan for each department. This can also be applied to legal disputes (litigation PR).

Media training

It is particularly important in a crisis that the members of the management team appear in person before the public and regain their trust by appearing capable and determined. This is something than can be learned. But it is not only in crisis situations that companies require an effective spokesperson. Companies are associated with specific faces – it is therefore vital that management appoint a great spokesperson who presents themselves well in any given situation.

Benefit from our strong track record in managing crises. We will train you on how to manage a disaster – including video training sessions on how to respond when under pressure.

Rest assured: we will support you in dealing with a crisis from start to finish.

Content Marketing

Content has always been king and will continue to be so in the future: people want to hear and read news and be entertained. And they love stories. Technology may have changed the way stories look and feel, but at their core, they’re still the same.

In our disruptive media industry, with the dramatic decline of print media and the concentration of publishing resources in the hands of a few large players, it is increasingly difficult to get content published. A story is therefore a great way to gain attention. Content must be both passionate and relevant and appeal to the emotions. We create convincing stories for you and distribute them via the most effective channels for reaching your target audience.

We create convincing stories for you and distribute them via the most effective channels for reaching your target audience.

Corporate Music Design

Your company is unique. You invest in online marketing, produce videos, take phone calls, communicate on all channels. Your visual logo appears at the end of every post but what s

Your company is unique. You invest in online marketing, produce videos, take calls, communicate on all channels – and your visual logo appears at the end of every post. But which sound, which music accompanies your logo? Just like the visual logo, the acoustic logo is needed nowadays because the “Corporate Music Design” for short belongs to the “Visual Identity”. We can offer you something exclusive: your own acoustic corporate identity.

We make your brand positioning public on the sound level. In this way, it supports differentiation from the competition and gives your brand an acoustic identity. Only you, your organization or your company will sound like this – an unmistakable, unique sound.

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