How does your company sound?

What does your company sound like? Which music captures it best? In today’s multimedia world, having your own corporate sound or music is becoming increasingly important.

Every brand has its own message and values. But how can a brand consistently convey its personality with sound when communicating with its customers and its employees? With your own corporate sound, you can make a difference today and be better remembered.

The power of music in your communication

«Dü-Da-Doo», the famous horn notes of the Swiss postbus that have been with us for more than a hundred years, must be the first-ever corporate sound of any Swiss company. It wasn’t created for brand profiling back then, of course: it served a simple functional purpose, warning oncoming vehicles on winding alpine roads.

Today’s corporate sounds are far more tailored. They’re specifically designed to generate targeted emotions and memories and send a powerful brand message. Corporate sounds and music can be a vital tool in anchoring your brand and building connections with your customers. With the right corporate music, you can evoke emotions, tap into memories and convey your brand message.

Individual sounds make strong brands

Do you already have your own sound that suits your company: music and jingles that can be used anywhere from videos to telephone loops or online? Just like your visual logo, your corporate sound should reflect and represent who and what you are.

The best of such sounds will raise a company’s external impact to a new professional level. A study by the University of Leicester in the UK has shown that brands are 96 per cent more memorable when they are associated with sounds. Which should be music to any CEO’s ears…

Teamwork with audio professionals

entirely different level. Well-chosen corporate music will enhance your company’s image and help promote a positive perception of your products and services.

We have a unique offer for you: we’ll provide your company with warm and authentic music that triggers an emotional response right from the start. To do so, we can draw on a team of musicians and composers from all over the world. And we can offer a ‘sonic toolbox’ with tracks for all genres, from rock and pop to jazz, ambient, chill, hip-hop, house, classical and even yodelling.

The process is no different from creating a visual logo: it’s all part of your corporate identity. But we’ll help you ensure that everything comes from the same mould, from your internet and advertising videos to the music on your telephone loop. So your brand truly is music to your customers’ ears. More information and samples on

What we do for you

  • competitor analyses
  • idea and concept development
  • workshops: what characterizes your company, and how should it be represented?
  • development of sound design and music production
  • production of jingles and longer tracks: sound design, composition, arrangement, recording, editing and more
  • clarification music rights
  • project management and detailed planning

Wonderful sounds composed

Samuel Röthlisberger, CEO FE Motion

"Whenever not only wonderful sounds, but also thematic content needs to be composed and recorded, Martin Villiger is my first port of call. I love brainstorming with him and then being surprised by the results. Not just for big live events like "Match for Africa", but also when it comes to a corporate sound logo."