Using videos successfully in marketing

Video is king

Video has never been more popular. In our times of social media and mobile media consumption, the demand for moving-image formats is increasing rapidly, as multiple studies have shown. In Switzerland, one in four internet users regularly consume video content.

It’s no coincidence, then, that more and more companies are also focusing on informative, entertaining videos in their marketing and communications. Well-made videos attract attention and interest, especially when their content offers added value and strikes a chord with users. It’s cutting-edge content marketing, without the annoying advertising messages.

Unboundedly popular

Videos are becoming particularly important not only because the younger generations tend to be lazy readers, but also because a video can convey a message briefly and clearly and with emotion. With our expertise in content marketing, we’ll ensure that your story reaches your target group. Be it in black and white, as a still image or in moving-image form, we’ll tell your tales in ways that won’t be quickly forgotten.

We don’t believe, either, that videos should be a maximum of two minutes long, just as we don’t believe that nobody today reads more than half a page of text. People can never get enough of exciting stories that are perfectly told. After all, who turns off a classic movie after half an hour, or consigns an informative newsletter to the waste paper basket without a second glance?

Film: the emotional medium

Film is not just visual. The interplay of spoken text and gripping music can turn a video into a genuine hit. No other medium conveys emotions the way films do. Viewers can be touched, inspired, even swept off their feet. Who hasn’t had that lost feeling when a Netflix series ends? Sometimes we’re so emotionally invested in the fictional film world, in fact, that it’s hard to find our way fully back into our outside lives.

Videos go viral

Videos can go viral, too. An example: Rich Men North of Richmond, a song by little-known folk musician Oliver Anthony from 2023. The song was recorded with just a guitar and a microphone in front of a forest, and was published via the YouTube account of tiny radio station radiowv. It became a viral hit, earning 100 million views and reaching Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In addition to their brevity, it’s important that your videos are properly formatted for each planned platform. On social media, portrait format has dominated in recent years. There’s a clear trend for longer video stories. So a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work across multiple social networks.

Show your own face!

There are clear benefits, too, to putting yourself in your video. Why?

  • ­Authenticity: By stepping in front of the camera, you can establish a personal connection with your audience. By showing your own face and using your own voice, you can create a basis of trust and strengthen your message’s credibility.
  • ­Emotion: When you show yourself on camera, you can convey emotions far better. Facial expression, gestures and body language are key elements in any communication that can only be conveyed via the video format.
  • ­ Growth: It takes courage to put yourself in front of the camera. But it’s also an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and help your own personal growth.

We’ll do everything we can at b-public to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Forget all the equipment, the lighting and the people: it’s you and your story that matter most. And the more personal and emotional your message is, the more moving your film will be. More information at: Hello Eye

What we do for you

  • individual videos or video campaigns
  • film recording and production with a camera, sound and lighting team
  • equipment, drones, lighting and interview settings with up to three cameras
  • matching music and all the licensing required

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