People often only reachable digitally

The digital revolution in full swing

Digital media are increasingly influencing the way companies communicate. And firms must come to terms with the fact that the first images and comments may well be online before their Corp Comms can respond. Digital communications have undergone a revolutionary development in recent years, and are now a cornerstone of our lives.

Know-how and creativity 

Many people today can only be reached digitally. But if companies and organizations understand how to use digital channels for their messages, they can conduct truly customer-centric communications. This takes more than just technological know-how, though: it requires expertise, and creativity as well.

Digital channels permit a wide range of forms of communication. We can send and receive text messages, images, videos and audio recordings, enabling us to express our thoughts and our ideas in a variety of ways. These versatile communication options don’t just improve the effectiveness of our communications; they make them more dynamic and appealing, too.

Increasing reputation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business platform. And more and more sales organizations are working with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It enables them to collect interesting contacts in their own timeline and view their public updates. This in turn allows them to better assess the best time to approach their potential customer.

If they then approach the contact via a LinkedIn InMail, for example, the following is very likely to happen: Before the recipient replies, they’re likely to check the sender’s profile. Who is contacting me? Who do they work for and in what position? Are they someone I should reply to? Any business using LinkedIn for such potential sales purposes must be prepared for this profile check.

LinkedIn further offers the opportunity to join groups that are of interest to the user’s particular industry or business sector. Not only are such groups a valuable source of news: they also offer a forum for placing content of one’s own.

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Creative texts for websites and blogs

Michael Burger, CEO Vitapower AG

"We have enjoyed working with b-public for many years. Markus Baumgartner and his team support us as ghostwriters with creative and sensitive texts for our websites and blogs. And they provide our management with sound and wise advice on crisis communications. Overall, Markus and b-public offer us professional added value in terms of communication, impact and public perception."