Making crypto comprehensible

Separating wheat from chaff

How do you explain Bitcoin, DeFi, blockchains, NFTs, metaverses and the difference between proof-of-stake and proof-of-work in such a way that everyone understands them in the end? And how do you tap into the enormous opportunities that lie dormant in this disruptive multi-billion market?

Anyone who reads about crypto will usually think of Bitcoin. But the simplification is problematic: while Bitcoin is the most popular asset on the market, it only accounts for a tiny part of the highly atomized crypto sector. In addition to Bitcoin, there are already some 11 700 further tradeable digital assets that serve various areas of application.

Not all of these are fit for purpose, of course. But it takes expertise to separate the wheat from the chaff. Many applications will be realized in future on the basis of blockchain and token technology, and the potential here is huge. So the main task of crypto PR is to catapult this abstract subject into the mainstream of everyday knowledge. 

Bitcoin clearly explained

At b-public we know about the world of Bitcoin and blockchains, about cryptocurrencies’ energy consumption and about their price fluctuations. And we comment on the developments in cryptoassets and their impact on the financial markets, economies and society. Our team member Pascal Hügli is the author of "Ignorieren auf eigene Gefahr: die neue dezentrale Welt von Bitcoin und Blockchain" and of "Bitcoin verständlich erklärt".

Insight DeFi

Insight DeFi is a content agency for everything Bitcoin, DeFi and Web3. In addition to articles, blog posts and thought leadership texts, we also produce independent Bitcoin and crypto research papers, we moderate events where crypto is a topic, and we offer employee and customer training on Bitcoin and more. With our twice-monthly Insight DeFi newsletter, we further provide competent and concise information on events, opportunities and risks in the new decentralized crypto world. More details:

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