We’ll get you ready for the hot seat

Preventing escalation

We’d all rather talk to the media when there’s good news to report. But professional communications don’t just function in fair-weather times: they also (and indeed primarily) have to work when less pleasant things need to be said. In such sensitive situations, a few reading tips won’t be enough. It’s practice above all that will improve your media presence. You have to enter the water if you want to learn to swim!

Also: effective crisis communications aren’t just about preventing escalation. It’s at least as important to be able to utilize opportunities in a targeted manner. Most companies and organizations will tend to attract the greatest attention when they want it least: in a crisis situation. Such crises usually arise unexpectedly, too. And they’ll always arouse extensive public interest.

Preparing for the "Watchdogs"

‘Watchdogs’ are how some media view themselves in the English-speaking world. The self-image jives with a widespread social consensus, too, about the media’s role. In our media and performance training, you’ll be provided with a customized training environment in which you can prepare for your TV or radio appearances, newspaper interviews and other types of presentations as and where required, and can enhance your performance skills.

The rise in scandalization – itself a product of increased competition in the media system – is also prompting many organizations to prepare for the worst-case scenario. It’s all about thinking the unthinkable: what to do if the very worst happens. We’ll work on such content, and practise in front of the camera how best to get your message across to your audience. We’ll also optimize your vocal and visual impact for all kinds of public appearances.

Companies are identified with their heads

Crisis management cannot be delegated: top management must appear in person before the public, and must do so in a confident manner that will regain (or retain) public trust. Not everyone does this naturally; but it can be learnt and trained.

Even outside crisis times, companies are identified with their heads: it’s people who give a firm a face. So your management must constantly cut a good figure in the electronic media.

Take advantage of our decades of media training experience. We’ll train you on video; we’ll ask you all manner of nasty questions; and we’ll make you fit for the hottest of hot seats.

And we’ll support you afterwards, too!

What we do for you:

  • preparing for Q&A sessions
  • interview preparation
  • interview training
  • media training for management
  • training in front of the camera
  • devising manuals with the key rules of conduct
  • training workshops with presentations and case studies
  • tips for effective communication