Why media are key

Leading media relations to success 

As communications professionals with years of journalistic experience, we know how the media work. Whether a media release is the optimum approach or a background discussion will best achieve the objective, we have the means and the contacts to get your message to its public. Digital media relations are essential here, of course; but if prompt action is in order, a simple phone call may work best of all.

At b-public we believe in working relationships that are firmly rooted in transparency and trust. We’ll listen to you carefully, and to your goals and your needs. And we’ll use our extensive understanding of the media industry to respond swiftly and flexibly to any changes in the market or your demands. We’ll also maintain a broad and vital overview of the latest trends and developments, in your industry and beyond.

From media concept to media relations

With our long-standing media relations, we can develop a media concept for you – from print media to online platforms and social media channels – that is tailored to your needs. This won’t just help you reach a larger target group: it will also enhance your corporate image in the longer term. Because good media work is aimed at more than short-term success. It’s about building trust, with potential customers and within your organization.

 Financial communications

IPOs, mergers, acquisitions… financial communications have their own set of rules. PR work relating to capital market transactions extends well beyond day-to-day business and concerns. It’s intense, it’s sensitive and it demands in-depth expertise. Companies in the financial sector are particularly prominent in the public eye. And success in this world comes to those who convey transparency and generate trust.

Financial communications have a further requirement, too: the ability to present often-complex financial issues in a language that’s also understandable to the less finance-savvy. What’s needed here is a capacity to interpret quantitative information and transform this into meaningful stories that will help your target group understand and take notice. At b-public, we possess that expertise.

Healthcare communications

Few areas of activity are as complex, as politicized and as subject to heated debate as the healthcare sector. Patients and consumers today are better educated, more confident and more extensively informed. As a result, the demands of all interest groups are constantly increasing, and with them the demands on the corresponding communications. This is why all messages in the healthcare sector must be precisely tailored to their recipients.  

Medical professionals, investors, media representatives, politicians and the general public all have different levels of prior knowledge and expertise, and each require their own specific information. At b-public we assist and advise hospitals, clinics, foundations, congress organizers, associations, doctors and other medical professionals on all communications matters.  

What we do for you: External communications

  • Media relations
  • financial PR and investor relations
  • serving as an external media office
  • targeted media releases
  • corporate wordings, positionings and message development
  • newsflash announcements
  • placing articles in specific trade media
  • writing and editing further texts of various types
  • organizing one-on-one meetings or interviews with opinion leaders
  • monitoring and reporting
  • corporate publishing
  • media training

Internal communications

  • Emplyoee Mailing
  • Newsletter
  • Employee Events


  • project management
  • organizing venues
  • organizing keynote speakers
  • round-table discussions
  • workshops

High success rate of media interviews

Volker Buschmann, Senior Strategic Relationship Manager EMEA-Region, American Century Investments, Frankfurt

"I found the PR support provided by b-public under the direction of Markus Baumgartner for our presence in Switzerland to be very creative and efficient. They gave us a high success rate in terms of the number and the quality of press interviews and press clips, along with further support at conferences and events."