Communication is (almost) everything

Disruption in the media industry

The media world continues to evolve, and the industry’s disruption remains in full swing. This makes strategic thinking and prudent action all the more essential, as the only ways to successfully position a company within its particular market.

Target group analyses and media utilization are decisive factors here. At b-public we provide personalized advice that is specifically tailored to our clients’ individual needs. And we do so to the highest quality standards – not only in our execution, but in all our preparation, too.

A blend of old and new

In our experience, it’s a blend of ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ that achieves the most effective communications. Print is by no means obsolete. But today’s technologies, platforms and social media are also equally essential.

Media releases are still read, and are a key source of journalists’ information. The newsletter is making a comeback, too, with readerships up from 70% to 76% since 2019, and is now considered the king of marketing disciplines. Even longer texts are not doomed to die: the optimum ratio of text length to media time is now around 11 000 characters.

Who would have thought it?

Digital communications   

Emphatic and open dialogue

Therese Gerber-Fürst, CEO Contag AG

"I got to know b-public years ago in the financial industry. We complement each other. I appreciate their professional approach and their valuable ‘from practice for practice’ experience. I find the empathetic and open dialogue, which makes it possible to get to the essence of the messages, particularly valuable. Whether it’s a website, texts or support in the customer environment, b-public gets it right."