Are crises your tombstone or milestone?

The best crisis is the one that never happens

However, they happen. A company usually receives the most attention when it welcomes it the least: in a crisis situation. We can help you successfully manage such highly stressful times, so you can remain as calm and composed as possible. After all, a crisis may not only lead to financial losses, but can also have a lasting impact on the company’s image and reputation – and, in the worst-case scenario, threaten its existence. Crisis management cannot be delegated. Credibility, determination and a confident demeanour are crucial among those in charge.

Protecting your image and your reputation!

Good preparation is the key to successfully overcoming a crisis and protecting your reputation. That’s why we start at b-public by analyzing potential risks and weak points together with our client company. Based on these analyses, we then determine processes and procedures and develop action plans for a wide range of scenarios. In doing so, we take both internal and external factors into account. And careful issue management and prompt monitoring allow us to react quickly to developments and maintain information leadership.

24/7 Support

When it comes to crisis communications, we’ll support you with all our professional experience. Should an emergency arise, we’ll provide you with additional capacity if needed, and will be available to you around the clock coordinating all the necessary steps from A to Z, from the key internal exchange of information to the management media appearances that are so crucial to retaining (or regaining) public confidence and trust.

You can also take full and fruitful advantage of our decades of experience through our media training options. We’ll put you through your paces with our ‘nasty questions’ and prepare you for the hottest of hot seats. And we’ll support you, too, in those vital post-crisis times. 

Litigation PR

It’s experience, calm and composure that crises call for most. At b-public we also see crisis communications as planning for the possibility. In addition to issue management, this includes regular workshops to help participants appreciate what crises entail in all their drama and dynamics, so that those responsible know what to communicate, who to, when, where and how. The same principles and approaches also apply to litigation PR, in the event of legal disputes before a court


What we  do for you:

  • serving as an external media office
  • issue management: gathering and analyzing information
  • media training, including TV training
  • developing and maintaining crisis manuals

Very satisfied with the result

Roger Rehmann, Municipal clerk and administrative manager, Boswil

"b-public AG devised a communication concept for us for the cancellation of the merger analysis with the Municipality of Bünzen. We were very satisfied with the collaboration and the result. b-public AG responded to the problem and our wishes personally and in detail. We can unreservedly recommend working with b-public AG."