Tell your story!

Unique stories for lasting experiences

Storytelling is an age-old and universal activity that will always connect people, regardless of their origins or their culture. And at b-public we firmly believe in the power of great stories. A good story beats good information, because good stories convey messages by transporting their audience to a world of imagination and emotion. Good stories can inspire, motivate, mobilize, or just put an invaluable smile on your listener’s face.  

Our overriding aim at b-public is to convey your message in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. So we see ourselves as storytellers, too: storytellers with a firm focus on ensuring that the content of our tale is not only entertaining but is informative as well. We also attach great importance to quality, originality and authenticity in all our storytelling, to ensure that your audience will recognize and identify with your brand.

Attention span is short

You catch fish with bait, and people with stories. Addressing and convincing others is a challenging task: attention spans are short, and it’s hard to make yourself heard in today’s noisy world. Good stories, though, appeal to up to seven parts of the brain, and are more readily remembered. And every brand has its stories, from the origin of your company to an unusual product launch.

Use narratives

"Once upon a time..." has always worked well. But storytelling is more than mere entertainment: it’s a powerful communications tool. Stories can help us present complex issues more comprehensibly and make information easier to understand. Within a story context, facts and data can be presented in a form that’s more readily absorbed and retained.

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Breathing life into the stories

Daniel Bazzi, founder and Co-CEO

“b-public knew how to breathe life into our story. Their expertise is clear, and their impressive storytelling was invaluable.”