How to stand out as an attractive employer

Strengthening your employer brand

Any company must strive to be seen as more than just an employer supplying a salary. If such an image was not a good look in the past, it’s all the more precarious in times of a skilled-labour shortage: today more than ever, well-qualified individuals are looking to work for companies that they can be proud to serve and help shape.

Many companies that have strong brand potential are not among the best in the well-known rankings of favourite employers. They may offer exciting jobs, and even an appealing overall employment package. But their brand will still fail to show on their target group’s radar, because they are simply overshadowed by bigger names.

  • Employees communicate their own image of their company, internally and externally.
  • Employees control and select the messages available within the company on a daily basis.
  • Employees live from their identity with and affiliation to a coherent, comprehensible and successful corporate philosophy.

Working for a meaningful corporate culture

People work for cultures, not companies. Some 50 per cent of those surveyed in the reputed Randstad study of 2021 stated that they would not work for a company with a bad reputation, even if they were offered a pay rise to do so.

Generations X, Y and Z are particularly united by a need for their work to be meaningful. But this applies to all other employees, too. If they have a sense of purpose, it is so much easier to retain staff who are willing to change in and even retire from your company, and also to attract others who may otherwise have been looking to leave the profession.

Becoming an attractive employer brand

Getting on the radar of potential employees is one thing; turning employees into ambassadors is another. Living values, corporate culture and credibility are the key issues here. Because surveys repeatedly show that employees do not feel that they are what they are claimed to be: the company’s most important asset of all.

This is where the employer value proposition (EVP) comes in. The Randstad study identifies five elements to this: a pleasant working atmosphere, job security, a competitive salary and benefits, a work/life balance and financial stability. But ultimately it all boils down to two simple questions: why should someone come to our company, and why should they stay?

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